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Mike Patton’s LP ‘Luciano Berio Laborintus II’

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luciano berio laborintus iiThe definition of a Renaissance man states that they are simply a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas and there has never been a better explanation for the talents of Mike Patton.

From forming Mr. Bungle in 1984 and joining Faith No More in 1989, Patton’s career has been nothing short of a wild ride that spans the entire musical spectrum. His latest effort pays tribute to the Italian composer Luciano Berio and Patton’s re-imagining of Berio’s 1965 classical piece, “Laborintus”, which Berio created to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the birth of the poet, Dante.  Doesn’t seem like the type of subject matter that the average musical artist would tackle, but then again, Mike Patton is anything but average.

Mike Patton’s Part Three

On this recording, Patton is joined by the Brussels-based Ictus Ensemble for the piece, which is broken into three parts, similar to the arias of the Italian operas.  All three pieces run the gauntlet from insane noises, to jazzy atmospheric melodies, Patton’s voice overs, some in Italian, some in Latin and a few in English and what some may define as sonic freak outs. The initial response to the piece may be off-putting to some listeners, and that may deter some from giving the entire piece a real listen.

luciano berio laborintus iiDon’t expect any singing from Patton this time around, as he did with the 2010 project, Mondo Cane. This is a different piece of music, while vastly different from its original, Patton takes a new look and reinvents a classical piece of music in a way that only he can.

It isn’t the typical album that the average person can just pick up and listen to, but if you can appreciate a true talent and are looking for something truly unique, the “Laborintus II” album qualifies as just that.

For more details on the album, Patton’s upcoming projects, which include a new Tomahawk album later this fall, or to find a copy of “Laborintus II” log on to http://www.ipecac.com/

Written by Christina Lawler

OurVinyl | Contributor