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Mike Mangione and The Union


Mike Mangione is a traveling man. Having toured almost constantly over the past nine years, the singer, songwriter, and musician knows what it takes to make it on your own. After releasing his debut album seven years ago, Mangione brought together a crew of talented musicians, and starting touring with a live band, often crisscrossing the nation. That band would go on to become the Union.

Flash back to 2012, and Mike Mangione and the Union are excited about the release of their latest work, “The Offering.” While a good home listening experience is always important with the release of an album, the bigger bonus of releasing “The Offering,” for the band, is new material to perform live.

Generally, artists have to choose which side of the fence they’ll lean towards – the produced album, or the live event. Mangione is a purebred of the latter sort. Being an independent musician by choice, Mangione’s life is directly supported by his touring. Having grown from his roots driving a used van to local coffeehouses in Los Angeles for shows, Mike Mangione and the Union are now a nationwide, headlining event.

Mangione and crew are currently wrapping up their latest effort, hopefully to be released this year. It will be the fourth LP by Mangione, and his second with The Union.

Written By:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor