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Michael Jackson Dirty Diana

Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”

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Michael Jackson Dirty DianaArtist: Michael Jackson
Song: Dirty Diana
Album: Bad

There are certain times when a remix or cover comes along and completely breathes a new life into the original; forcing you to take another look at a song that you may have forgotten about or simply overlooked. This would be the case for when The Weeknd recently released their highly anticipated third album, Echoes of Silence, which opened with a track called “D.D.,” an updated cover/homage to the King of Pop’s “Dirty Diana.”

Not too long afterwards, this writer was at an establishment with a digital jukebox and looking for a Michael Jackson song to finish off his round of selections. While “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” were the choices originally in mind, their 2 credit premium cost was rather prohibitive and resulted in the selection of “Dirty Diana” off of 1988’s Bad. As is usually the case when any MJ songs are selected via jukebox, the song was met with a resounding approval and has since been on heavy rotation along with many other songs that accompanied it on that classic album. This guitar infused track tells the story of an overly confident groupie and even at almost 15 years old contains lyrics that seem rather startling and controversial for a number-one single. Enjoy and good luck getting it out of your head!

By Jesse Zryb