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“Mellow Gold Haze” by the Hemmingbirds

Song Of The Day

Song: Mellow Gold Haze

Band: Hemmingbirds

LP: Death Wave

Today’s song is Mellow Gold Haze by the Hemmingbirds and can be found on their debut LP “Death Wave”. The Hemmingbirds are an unsigned Chicago band that bear a sonic resemblance to Death Cab For Cutie, or maybe at times The Shins – if you added a bit more rock. This song is great because it starts off with catchy “woos”, and then the energy quickly builds, only to subside for the verses which contain a type of trotting vocal style that is very enticing to the ears. The choruses then return to an elevated rockier energy, slightly juxtaposed by the aforementioned “woos”. This song, and the others found on the album, is one that can seemingly rock out – but without ever actually going full steam. It seems to be a practiced and honed ability to play with gusto, without having the gusto being the central aspect of the song.