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ME & LP’s “La Belle Tocade”

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Artist: ME & LP
Song: “La Belle Tocade”
Album: Chez Raymond

“La Belle Tocade” is the first single from the 6-song EP Chez Raymond from ME & LP. This side project, from duo Mathew Embree and Lia Papineau, resulted in a collection of songs ranging wildly in theme, mood, and style. Recorded on a farm in rural France (named Chez Raymond,) “La Belle Tocade” is a bouncy, soft tune, that will carry you through the day and will mellow you out after too much coffee. Lisa Papineau’s voice is a dreamy, ethereal, yet strong and convincing power, and Mathew Embree, a man who refuses to be defined, provides the perfect balance to her vocals. Be warned: this song will stick in your head, on repeat, for quite a while.

Chez Raymond will be available everywhere on CD and digital download August 9th, 2011 via record label Sargent House.

Written by Meredith Underhill