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Mayer Hawthorne

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At the inaugural North Coast Music Festival, at the end of this last summer in Chicago, OurVinyl caught up with Mayer Hawthorne backstage and had the pleasure of conversing with this virtuoso on a number of subjects. He touches on how and why he started playing instruments, vinyl records vs ipods, what music he has been listening to lately, and much more.

For those who don’t know; Mayer Hawthorne is the latest musical-moniker for Andrew Mayer Cohen, a multifaceted musician that hails from the south side of Detroit, MI. In fact he is multifaceted in more than just being a musician; the man is also a producer, arranger, and audio engineer in his own right. Beyond being able to play multiple instruments, Mayer dabbles in numerous musical genre’s as well. Interestingly, you might even know him as Haircut, which is his stage name when he is playing his hip-hop material.

But as Mr. Hawthorne, he sticks more so to a fresh and dynamic neo-motown sound, with his hip-hop experience showing itself in the crisp and intriguing rhythms he creates. With the addition of his honey-smooth voice and exceptional musicianship he has helped to revive a musical style most considered to be passé, and revived it with style. Add to that a truly engrossing live show and stage-presence; it is no wonder that Mayer has seen considerable success, despite only releasing one album, “A Strange Arrangement” in 2009. Look for him to continue to be involved with more festivals as he continues to gain the respect and admiration of those who get to see him play live.