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Mat Kearney’s “Hey Mama”

Song Of The Day

Song: “Hey Mama”

Artist: Mat Kearney

Album: ‘Young Love’

The aptly nicknamed, Music City, is home to yet another of our Song of the Day artists, Mat Kearney. Originally from Oregon, Kearney went to Nashville only intending to visit one summer to record some songs; however, he decided to stay to pursue his music and songwriting career. Following his other LP’s ‘Bullet,’ ‘Nothing Left to Lose,’ and ‘City of Black and White,’ Kearney’s fourth album is ‘Young Love.’ His music blends lovely acoustic and piano melodies with catchy pop, and spoken hip-hop rhymes. ‘Young Love’ knocked Adele’s ‘21’ out of the #1 spot on the iTunes Album Chart its first week as well as debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200. “Hey Mama,’ the album’s first single, is also the catchy background to a Red Lobster television commercial.  Kearney is currently promoting ‘Young Love’ in a series of fall shows through November.

“Hey Mama” is Kearney’s first track and single off ‘Young Love’ and was inspired by his wife. The song is catchy from the get go; its claps and stomps make a listener instantly happy. The “Hey Mama” video was shot in New Orleans and showcases the city, its people, as well as some of its local musical talents. The song and video are sure to make your day sunny as well as make you dance around, or at the very least, tap your feet under your desk. Give it a listen or three, and pass around to your friends, everyone deserves the chance to listen to such a cheery song.

Written By: Linda Turk