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Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus”

Song Of The Day

Song: Paradise Circus

Artist: Massive Attack

Album: Heligoland

Today’s songs of the day features the not so recognized but undeniably legendary pioneers of the now famed trip-hop movement. Created by a duo of English producers Robert “3D” Del Jaja and Grant “Daddy G” Marshall, the Bristol Duo first came onto the scene in a myriad of side projects all helping to shape the unique sound of trip-hop; a genre of music that takes elements of downtempo hip hop and adds a psychedelic eeriness which results in very chilled out almost loungey and sensual vibe. Although he group Posrtishead is probably the biggest household name in the trip hop conversation, it is no denying that Massive Attack were the originators or at least the primary influence for groups like Portishead (being that the creator of said band was an intern at the Massive Attack’s recording session for their first album).

Off their most recent album Heligoland, “Paradise Circus” is a perfect introduction to Massive Attack and the world of Trip Hop and other downtempo music. Flittering on the edges of both sadness and inspiration, the song features compelling lyrics, emotional swings, and a beautifully simple progression that begins as soon as you hit play. Be sure to enjoy this song today, as I am sure such an experience will make you want to hear more from Massive Attack.

Written by Daniel Goodman