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Massage Situation

Song Of The Day

Artist: Flying Lotus
Album: Reset EP
Song Title: Massage Situation

For those that are familiar with FlyLo and his breathtaking beats, read no further.
Bathe in the bliss.

For you new comers, prepare for an epiphany. Working with such big name talents as Erykah Badu, J Dilla, and Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame), Flying Lotus has been making such big waves over in the beat district of Los Angeles, that they’re turning into tsunamis. Prepare to be drenched here with his YouTube sensation “Massage Situation,” and afterwards, you’ll understand why Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has contracted the producer for background tracks on almost all of their on-air ads.

This is no ordinary hip-hop track. This is the future of music.

By Dean Goranites