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Maps and Atlases

Maps & Atlases’ “Fever”

Song Of The Day

Maps & Atlases nine year long career is built with fiver EPs and two LPs filled with music that seems to come out of completely different bands and styles: that’s the beauty in them. One of the new emblem bands of Chicago, their sound is crafted with alternative, folk and math rock elements. So you can expect the unexpected whenever one of their songs is about to play.

Their latest album, Beware And Be Grateful, showcases this perfectly with all these styles blended together into almost 43 minutes. The second track, Fever, mixes their organic and techno sides into a song that stays in the thin line of alternative and electronic music. Organic drumming and U2-ish fills along with Daveson vocals make it a perfect choice for a soundtrack into any modern set film.

Try to grab a hold of any of Maps & Atlases efforts and amaze yourself on how a band is able to have many faces while still preserve their essential core and putting a distinctive touch on music’s many edges.

Written by:
Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer