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mansions on the moon

Mansions on the Moon’s “Glimpse Into The Future (Xaphoon Jones Remix)”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is from an album that received notice as one of 2010 best albums from OurVinyl, Mansion On The Moon‘s ‘Paradise Falls’. It is an electronic song that captures the more unruffled and calm side of the genre. Sure there is a quantized beat that inspires movement on some level, it’s not about pushing the energy to it’s limit. That being said the bass beat has a uncomplicated intriguing aspect to it. There is a little bit of womp, a little bit of pomp, but overall it’s more just ear candy than anything else. There aren’t many polyphonic sounds occurring, but each that is present is cared for and thought about well  What is great about this song, and indeed the entire album you find it upon, is that it uses the energy of electronic music but directs it to a slightly different end, there is more contemplation and  childlike enjoyment of the music, and not an implied rave of some sort.

Mansions on the Moon’s Glimpse Into The Future (Xaphoon Jones Remix)