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Manchester Orchestra’s “Mighty”

Song Of The Day

Song: Mighty

Artist: Manchester Orchestra

Album: Simple Math

Today’s song is “Mighty” from Manchester Orchestra, and it is the second song off of their 3rd release Simple Math, which dropped just last week. It’s classic Manchester Orchestra material, with a little bit of tangible maturity. There is the straightforward rock edge, the brawny sense of the rhythm section, the slippery but catchy lyrics. The maturity seems to show when unexpectedly we find orchestral strings complementing the electric-guitar led crescendos, and floating in and out with quick bursts. It seems this band is ready to incorporate the “orchestra” part of their name finally. It’s not a complicated trick, but it works well in this song. There is something so pleasant about how this band creates music that is clearly aggressive, but does so in a minimal way, choosing instead to finesse their listener with energy as opposed to bombard them with it. These guys know what they are doing, look for them this festival season, cause the live show is legit as well! Enjoy.