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Man Man’s “Mayan Nights”

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The doo-wop music of the 50s lives on in more than just your parents/grandparents car! Indie bands like Man Man see the disarming charm this style of music has they can use to bolster their arsenal of weirdness. Listen to this fun, light and fluffy sounding song that actually has dark, depressing lyrics.


Man Man’s “Mayan Nights”

The song tells his significant other that the one she used to love is “almost a ghost” a details how drinking is less of a leisurely activity and more of a way to forget the sorrows of their failed relationship using a Mayan end of the world metaphor. Strange to think about that considering you could twist the night away to this song. Originally recorded for their relatively somber yet criminally underrated album Life Fantastic, the song languished in unreleased territory until the band decided to release the track for free on the eve of the Mayan end of the world last December. Download the track straight from the above Soundcloud link! The world may not have have ended, but at least the world has yet another great track from Man Man to tide us over until they release their next album.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer