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Man Man Mayan Nights

Man Man’s “Mayan Nights”

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Among bands like !!! (yup, that band name does exist), Man Man is one of those hard to find/download acts today: but some things are worth keeping under the radar for a while.

With a ten year long career and straight from Philadelphia, five studio albums and two EP’s, Man Man is one of those small treasures that embrace experimental rock. With a constant change of pace between each album, leader Honus Honus and company have mixed a tiny bit of everything and came up with joyful results through a decade.

One of those happy-go-lucky experiments was an iTunes exclusive bonus track from their fourth album, Life Fantastic. Outside of the official choice of songs, is hard to tell why Mayan Nights was left out. With a happy vibe resembling rockabilly and doo wop, New Orleans trademark brass and jazz sounds way in the background and a little kid whispering here and there, the song deals with a man embracing lost (and party) after a heartbreaking experience.

How did this all elements worked out into a tune filled with joy? I don’t know, but it makes me tap from my head to my toes. Man Man released their brand new album On Oni Pond last month, and it’s worth a listen. At least try to grab a hold of their single Head On and convince yourself into a record full of surprises.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

OurVinyl | Senior Writer


Man Man’s “Mayan Nights”