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major lazer get free

Major Lazer’s “Get Free”

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Major Lazer is a musical project primarily in motion via the prolific DJ Diplo and helped along the way by a couple other DJs and about 2-3 dozen collaborators.  This track is the single off their forthcoming album Free the Universe due out next week and features the inimitable voice of Amber from Dirty Projectors over this glistening descending keyboard melody line that gives this track a very distinct jarring nature to it and serves to keep the listener attuned to hear the resolve that never really happens.  Great expectations for their new record which features Santigold, Ezra Koenig, Wyclef Jean, Bruno Mars and many others which will likely, as their debut, create a varied listening experience that is at this time quite unique.

Written by Case Newsom

OurVinyl | Contributor

Major Lazer’s “Get Free”