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Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly’s “End Of The Road”

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Song: End of the Road

Artist: Machine Gun Kelly

Album: Lace Up Mixtape (2010)

Machine Gun Kelly is an up and coming rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. He has released a handful of mixtapes that have gained increasingly more popularity. Perhaps his biggest break this past year was releasing a song, “Cleveland” that went viral and ended up being played at Cleveland Cavalier games. After releasing good songs, playing lots of shows and a good social networking campaign, MKG has gained a loyal following both locally and on a national level. Recently Drama from the MTV show Fantasy Factory has been pushing MGK out west and bringing him into his studio. Three 6 Mafia rapper Juicy J has also taken notice and released a song with the young rapper. MGK got his nickname in high school for his fast flow that has influences of Bizzy Bone in it. The rapid fire flow was thought by friends to resemble a machine gun.

Most of what MGK sings about is growing up with angst, being proud of where you come from, and hope for a better tomorrow. The song End of the Road is one of the more pop friendly songs MGK has for its catchy chorus from Matt Musto and the relaxing beat. For those looking for a good rapper on the up and up, look no further than MGK.