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we own the sky

M83’s “We Own The Sky”

Song Of The Day

You probably know M83 from their 2011 double album ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’, which featured the track Midnight City that blew up this year. It was one of the most listened to, marketed, and remixed songs of the year – deservedly so – and went on to make M83 an international name. Today’s song of the day, however, comes off of their 2008 album ‘Saturdays = Youth’ and is titled We Own The Sky.

This is one of those indie-electro songs that slowly builds an atmosphere for the listener, with the heart of the beat and melody not changing too much, but still the song spirals into an every expanding sound-scape. You eventually just find your ears free-falling into their temporary electro utopia (hey, free-fall, maybe that’s why they “own the sky”?).

Listen to it in it’s entirety, and enjoy!

M83’s We Own The Sky