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m83 midnight city

M83: Midnight City

Song Of The Day

m83 midnight cityArtist: M83
Song: Midnight City
Album: Hurry Up We’re Dreaming

This song has a great balance of peaks and valleys and could be described either way as a slower indie synth pop tune or strobing dance tune. It starts off with an almost human synth melody (a vocoder perhaps?) thats is echoing over a fat and heavy synth line. Drums come pounding in along with most synthesized harmonies before dropping down to the drums and bass line to make room for soft, almost whispered, vocals.

The song alternates in this way throughout, switching from low key vocal accompaniment to full on synthesizer dance party. About three quarters in a saxophone comes wailing out of nowhere adding a smooth jazz 80’s vibe but pulling it off in a way that isn’t cheesy but quite the opposite. Now I’m wondering why that ever went out of style, thanks M83!

Midnight City by M83

Written By:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer