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Lykke Li: Sadness is a Blessing

Song Of The Day

Artist: Lykke Li
Album: Wounded Rhymes
Song: “Sadness is a Blessing”

From Swedish Recording Artist Lykke Li’s second album Wounded Rhymes, “Sadness is a Blessing” is one of those songs that can be found playing on repeat by people filled with teenage angst. Wounded Rhymes, written and recorded in Los Angeles, is the second album from this Swedish bombshell, produced by Bjorn Yttling (Peter, Bjorn and John.) It saw the release of four singles, including “I follow Rivers,” which reached the number one spot in Belgium. Described as a darker record than her previous album ‘Youth Novels’, the record still shows the interesting instrumental arrangements found in songs such as “Little bit.” Li’s voice is full of heartache and torment, each song owning its own frustrated sentiment.

“Sadness is a Blessing” is a perfect example of this. The Lyric ‘Sadness is my boyfriend, sadness I’m your girl,’ is one that almost everybody can relate to. Interpreted by each person differently it still gives the same end result; a catchy song certain to pull at your heartstrings, with an edgy vocal ready to addict you to the album.

Written by:
Rhiannon Drew
Our Vinyl Contributor