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Lykke Li: “Little Bit”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Lykke Li
Song: Little Bit

I finally took the time to give Lykke Li a shot. Her 2007 album, Little Bit seemed to blow up in the music blogosphere. My recent experiments with chill wave, experimental and electronic music landed me on her music. The past week I have personally been circulating artists like Washed Out, M83, Little People, Lotus, Emancipator and The XX.

Thanks to Pandora I stumbled across this amazing track “Little Bit”. Don’t be fooled though her music boarders on a variety of genres. “Get Some” from her most recent album, Wounded Rhymes, has quite a different feel. If you haven’t done so yet dive into her music.

Little Bit – Lykke Li by Two Fathoms