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Luke Reynolds: “Circles + Lines”

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Song: “Circles + Lines”
Artist: Luke Reynolds
Album: Maps

“Circles + Lines” comes from Luke Reynolds’ independently released album, Maps. Reynolds is most recently known as the newest member of the band Guster; he is an amazing multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for wearing cardigan sweaters. Prior to teaming up with Guster, he was a Grammy nominated songwriter who has previously collaborated with the likes of many great artists such as Willie Nelson, Brett Dennen, and Beck.

“Circles + Lines” is a funky and soulful groove perfect for a dark music club. The composition and instrument arrangement is flawless and Reynolds’ voice exudes a folksy vibe without too much twang. The song somehow melds soul, funk, folk, and rock seamlessly and has lyrics which make a listener dream of open skies, stars, and a cabin in the woods. Listen to his music once and Reynolds will have you hooked.

Written By Linda Turk