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Lucida Scroll EP Launch Weekend: Night One


Punky acoustic indie rock band Lucida Scroll are already fast becoming known as a band not to do things halfheartedly, and their EP launch was no different, with not just one event to mark the momentous occasion, but two. Formed late in 2010, Lucida Scroll have already completed a UK tour through April/May of this year, spending the last few months in the studio recording what everyone here was eagerly anticipating: their new EP, Monologues.

With massive support from Arch Recordings (a local recording studio based in Burton-On-Trent) there was already a lot of hype about night one before we arrived. Arch had set up the entire evening, the sound engineer, the lights, the support acts. As people arrived, some already wearing their Lucida Scroll t-shirts in support, the room fast filled with supporters and friends of the evenings acts.

The first to take the stage was Alex Canner, a solo acoustic set that blew our minds. Mr Canner is known around the town for being in a cover band ‘The Dark Horses’ (  and it is fair to say that because of this, he is not given anywhere near enough credit for his talent. His vocals flew from the stage like hurricane winds, powerful and stunning at the same time. He varied between some well known covers of songs by such bands at The Happy Mondays whilst also proving his talents were not just in his vocals and guitar playing, but in his creativity, too, playing some of his own tracks. It was a stunning performance that encouraged applause and (during the covers) lyrical unison from the crowds.

Following Canner was going to be a difficult task for anyone; the second support act, Bill Cort ( was obviously quite aware of this. He, however, stepped on stage as if he was the first support act, cracking jokes before he even started playing. He had the attention from the crowd just by announcing the title of his first song, “Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap.” Unaware whether Bill was a comedy act or a serious one, he seemed to revel in the laughter from the audience as he moved from a song about his girlfriend’s father being homosexual, to one called “Grandma” (this one too being of sexual nature), Bill constantly warned those that were easily offended that his set was probably not the best to listen to. Moving on to crowd favorites “Why’s the Baby Chinese?” and “Tic Tacs,” the audience was singing along while also in pure hysterics at what could only be described as lyrical genius. Crude as it was, the crowd loved every moment, shouting for an encore at the end of his set. In true Bill Cort fashion, keeping the audience a part of his set, he encouraged two women to join him on stage, asking for the crowd to come up with the subject for an on-the-spot song.

As the crowds started to form at the stage, it was obvious what was coming next: the main reason everyone had been there, Lucida Scroll. Getting straight into their set, their emotional yet raw and ragged vocals travelled above the heads of the audience, filling the room with overwhelming emotion. Like a lightning storm from camera flashes, the boys were obviously having the time of their lives. Introducing their now well known tracks such as “Breakfast In Bed” and “Romeo & Juliet,” the songs of heartbreak and brutally honest emotions that engulfed the fans were almost overpowering. Moving through their set, guitarist and vocalist Stuart Jordan introduced “It’s Alright”, explaining that it is a subtle anti-Big Brother song, “because BB is, in fact, bad for your health.” As an inflatable globe flew at the band and came back into the crowd, flying high and fast like their set seemed to be going, guitarist and vocalist Joe Evans introduced “I’m Done,” a song from their EP — it was certainly a song of heartbreak, with such lyrics as “it makes no difference to me anymore”.

The end of the set seemed to appear from nowhere; a crowd favorite, “Never Always Dark At Six,” was the final song. With such powerful lyrics & intricate guitar playing, it was as if the four boys could do no wrong. The constant enthusiasm from the crowd was feeding the band; smiles exchanged between Joe Evans and guitarist Danny Scott proved this. As with all live shows there is always the chance for something unexpected to happen, and in true Lucida Scroll style, Stuart Jordan broke a string, leaving Joe Evans a chance to introduce the band. As he moved on to introduce drummer Sam Hughes, he allowed us to witness an intense drum solo lasting nearly five minutes. We later found out that the solos are never planned, making this even more spectacular. “Never Always Dark At Six” was only just over and the bands guitar strings were still vibrating, when the crowd started shouting “Encore!”

The band was more than happy to oblige, playing another song from their EP: “Perfection.” The night had obviously been a success, and one could tell the band was eager for more. It’s a good thing they had less than 24 hours to wait till their next headlining show.

Written by Feeona Fletcher

For more info on Lucida Scroll, check out their facebook page. Keep an eye out for a review of night two of Lucida Scroll’s EP release, to be posted here soon!