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Lucida Scroll EP Launch Night Two @ The Charters Arms, Rotherham


Still on a natural high from their first EP Launch evening Lucida Scroll made their way to Rotherham near Sheffield for night two of their spectacular event.  A new venue, new support acts and the opportunity for the band to play for another excitable audience. They couldn’t wait.

Support act number one of the night was a solo acoustic set from Jim Marston. Starting his set with outstanding covers of ‘Little Yellow Spider’ and ‘Stuck In The Middle’ his voice was powerful and mesmerising, although quite apparent that Jim was nervous he never let this falter his performance. Introducing his third song ‘Long Summer Goodbye’ his emotions swept over the audience like a magical spell, we couldn’t believe our ears when we were told the song had originally been a metal song. The smooth harmonisation between vocals and guitar chords encouraged massive applause from the crowd. Jim continued swapping and changing between exhilarating covers and astonishing originals, as he began ‘White Blank Page’ (a Mumford & Sons cover) the audience joined in, swaying in euphoria at his talents. After a few more originals and covers, including ‘American English’ by Idlewild, Jim finished with what he described as a “cover of a cover” this was his version of Travis’ version of Britney Spears’ ‘Baby…One More Time’. The audience loved it and showed this by joining in on the ‘backing vocals’ (more shouting) “Still Believe!” in the right places.

Jim had been a success and, as with Canner the night before, was going to be a tough act to follow. The guys from ‘The Loaded Dice’ didn’t seem fazed. Travelling down from Manchester, the indie rock four-piece had come to join the Lucida Scroll boys in their momentous occasion and they took to the stage like birds to the sky.

Starting with a mellow and tranquil, yet still dramatic track, lead singer and guitarist James Stone’s vocals were shockingly daring, hitting notes I’m pretty sure men shouldn’t be able to hit. Their performance was truly captivating moving from track to track guitarist Adam Griffiths hands were a frantic blur. As they moved through their set you could hear crowd members mumbling “Oh! I liked that one” and “I’d buy their album”.

The boys seemed to feed off the audiences enthusiasm after each song. James Stone and bassist Dave Bradley performing their own little side show during instrumental parts allowing us to see drummer Rich Watts giving the drum kit the time of its life. At the end of their set Connoisseur, Steve Evans (Joe Evans’ father) thanked the band and encouraged the already hyped up audience to request an encore. The band obliged (naturally) and it appeared they had saved their most up-beat and enthusiastic track for last with James Stone and Adam Griffiths both playing harmoniously like there was no tomorrow.

It was that time again, the Lucida Scroll boys couldn’t get on stage fast enough. Before starting their set guitarist and vocalist Joe Evans thanked both Jim Marston and The Loaded Dice for their support whilst also adding “they were the best live acts I’ve seen in a long time”.

Starting with what is fast becoming one of this reviewers favorites, ‘Breakfast In Bed’, it wasn’t long before the ‘true Lucida Scroll style’ hit guitarist and vocalist Stuart Jordan, not even before the track was out he snapped a string. Luckily band manager, sound tech & light tech ‘Bob’ from Loaded Presents… was on hand with Jim Marston’s guitar. Moving through the set guitarist Danny Scott and Joe Evans almost appeared to do their own performances, including what could only be described as a ‘Busted’ jump from Joe and some rather bizarre guitar grinding from Danny.

The band’s enthusiasm and all-round hyperactivity was making this performance ultimately more enjoyable than the slightly nervous night before. Moving from ‘Open Your Thoughts Wide’ to yet another favorite, ‘I’m Done’, the band were going from strength to strength through the lyrics and instrumental exhilaration. Introducing ‘It’s Alright’ as with the previous night Stuart explained “to those that haven’t noticed, Joe writes about heartbreak, I write about Politics, kind of”.

As they played track after track, dedicating ‘Poison Heart’ to Joe’s brother who was in the crowd the applause and general ecstasy from the crowd encouraged the boys even more. Through ‘It’s Not Yours, Give It Back’ a track from their EP the boys obviously wanted to witness how involved they could get the crowd by encouraging a ‘beat clap’ which continued well towards the end of the track. It was as if, in a good way, this set was never going to end, the band were fully revelling in the attention from the crowd, the beaming smiles exchanged between the four confirmed they didn’t want this to end. Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and in true style it was this reviewer’s utmost favourite of tracks ‘Never Always Dark At Six’.

This track is the pinnacle of any Lucida Scroll show with the opportunity to witness the entire bands talents, and following a show such as this one the absolutely insane jubilation flowing from the boys on stage into the audience and surrounding us made it even more spectacular. This was of course, our main chance to see Sam Hughes at his best, following another outstanding drum solo (with cheers throughout from the boys of The Loaded Dice) Steve Evans stepped back on stage. As with the night before there was no need for him to speak, the crowd were already shouting for an encore, they too didn’t want the set to end.

Lucida Scroll ended with ‘Perfection’ as with the night before, however, tonight’s seemed to have a twist, maybe it was the alcohol, but it seemed following his drum solo Sam got carried away, the tempo was upped and the guitarists were only just keeping up. It was a perfect end to an exceptional evening. Lucida Scroll’s EP and T-shirt are available from (bigcartel) you can also find the boys and some of their recordings on Facebook.

Written by Feeona Fletcher