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Lucero @ The Blueston, Columbus, OH


Monday nights aren’t known for their medicinal purposes, or for their foot-stomping good times, but Lucero took the stage on Monday night in Columbus, Ohio at the Bluestone and made Monday night a special place to be, at last.

Opening for Lucero was William Elliot Whitmore, who is a must catch act in his own right.  Hailing from a dusty farm in Iowa Whitemore caputures the life and love of a small community.  His voice silenced a busy and hustling room and within a single song a crowd gathered tightly around the stage. Playing guitair, banjo, drum and harmonica himself Whitemore shares the spolight only with the music, and it’s truly an amazing sight indeed. Between Whitemore and Lucero the regulars filled in around the stage, some traveled from hours away, they came from Cleveland and Cincinnati where the shows had sold out weeks before. All where ready with a beer and a smile as Lucero walked out on stage.

Lucero’s On My Way Downtown

Lucero’s dedicated fan base is mighty, keeping the fans close and as part of the Lucero family seems to come naturally to the band and they greeted fans by name as they walked onstage and prepared for a long night of music. The crowd was primed, plastic cups and bottles waved in the air and the hustle to find a good spot began.

Their latest album, Women and Work, is a Memphis-blues infused rock-n-roll record, the show is no less than that and something more. Leading the band through a set list comprised of songs they “figured we play”, and requests shouted from the audience, he acknowledged each one with “Yeah, we can play that, we’ve got plenty of time”.  This element is part of Lucero’s charm, the collaboration with their fans is part of what connects them and drives a dedicated following.

The first half of the show led with several songs from the new album, “On My Way Downtown” and “Women and Work” rang out with singer Ben Nichols thanking the crowd for “lettin’” them play the new stuff; the crowd didn’t mind at all and sang along, word for word. Songs from Lucero’s past were not forgotten, gems from Tennessee, Nobody’s Darlings, and Dreaming In America made their way into the air.  Every Lucero show is something of a conversation with an old friend, catching up and remembering moments from the past, “Kiss The Bottle”, “It May Be Too Late”, “Darken My Door”,  “Drink Til We’re Gone”, “Tears Don’t Matter Much” all made the list.  It would have been difficult to leave The Bluestone that night and been disappointed.

If you haven’t yet discovered Lucero, now would be the time.  Lose yourself in some of the best rock-n-roll you will ever hear, catch a show (if you can find tickets!) and lose yourself in some great music, meet some of the best fans and have a beer.  All are welcome.

Written by Meredith Underhill

OurVinyl.com | Senior Writer