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Lubriphonic’s LP “The Gig Is On”

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Hailing from Chicago, Lubriphonic’s new album “The Gig Is On” digs deep into the heart of the funkiest soulful music, while enhancing feelings that make you want to get up and dance. “The Gig Is On” is made up of heavy horns, groovy guitar rifts, slap in your face bass rifts filtered out by keys, drums and percussion. The vocals are catchy and poignant leaving no room to stop listening at any point during the album.

As the album kicks off with “Rhino” and “Under the Line” the listener is graced with fast-paced guitar rhythms and heavy brass delivering a big band swing sound. Though the majority of the album is up-beat and full of high energy, during songs such as “No Blues” and “Speed Dial” the rhythm slows featuring expressive lyrics, bluesy vocals and keyboards. Other songs showcase Lubriphonic’s creative instrumental work such as “If There’s A Hell Below (We’re All Gonna Go)” and “The Gig Is On”. The album wraps up with yet even more explosive sounds of horns and guitar, but features solos of the bass and keyboards during “The Chicken Is Worth More Alive Than Dead” and “Whatever You Do Don’t Stop”.

With their recent album release Lubriphonic takes on the summer heat without skipping a beat. They have a variety of touring plans this summer, and are set to play an assortment of music festivals. Please visit to purchase “The Gig Is On” and to find out more information on current touring plans.

Written By Marcella Neff

If There is a Hell Below (We Are All Gonna Go) – “The Gig Is On” by Lubriphonic