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Lotus/Album Leaf: Orchids

Song Of The Day

album leafSong: Orchids
Band: Lotus/Album Leaf
Album: none

Today’s song of the day comes to us from a collaborative effort between two very talented acts. Both Lotus and The Album Leaf have been pushing the musical envelope for the last decade, making strides toward a sound that mixes organic raw instruments with the electronic tones of the new age.

Lotus released their self-titled album back in September of 2011, but they recruited Jimmy LaValle (the man behind The Album Leaf) to remix a few songs. The result is what you are hearing on this track. A unique arrangement that combines the original ‘Orchids’ guitar and strings tracks with an atmospheric ambiance that LaValle seems to have down to a science. So take a minute out of your day to kick back and enjoy some tasty goodness from two present-day pioneers of sound. You won’t be disappointed!

Written by:
Jordan Schneider

Orchids (Album Leaf Remix) by lotusvibes