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Lotus at Madison Theater 2/14/2012

Lotus returned to the Madison Theater in Covington last week for a special evening, joining fans from across the river in Ohio and Kentucky for a Valentine’s Day show that emanated with good vibes and love. Following their epic sold out gig at The Fillmore in Denver, the energy at Madison Theater appeared to have been seamlessly transmitted from it, which was one of the most highly anticipated Lotus shows of the year so far. They were definitely in go mode that night as they were also gearing up to throw down in Chicago the following weekend with Conspirator and Emancipator at the historical Congress Theater. Approaching the venue, the line of people waiting to enter the theater was thick with anticipation and excitement to get a much needed dose of Lotus lovin’ as well as escape the frigid cold. Lotus quickly took the stage, delving into a heavy Hammerstrike opener, setting the tone for the rest of the set to follow.

Next on deck, Lucid Awakening and Break Build Burn; the two songs collided with the audience in an aura of warm lights and reverberating sounds as the music in the venue carried straight out from the stage to the back of the room, almost like a jet stream of sound blasting you in the face. Heart shaped balloons began to rise from the crowd, floating above our heads as Lotus played on. Blender came after, mixing it up, literally as the song seemed to spin the sound in a cyclone around the room. Coupled with the glittering light of the twisting disco ball overhead, visual and auditory sensory blended together as the yellow flickers of light spun around and around. From then on out, as Lotus headed into Livingston Storm, they maintained the pace of their set at a progressively elevating speed, raising the bar higher and higher with each song.

Lotus’ Livingston Storm

Livingston Storm hurdled through the speakers, complete with funky breakdowns and a coagulation of fast building rifts that truly imitates the onset of a storm headed straight to your head, then effortlessly slipped into a heavy Golden Ghost. Off of their latest self-titled album, Golden Ghost is a sure way to get the crowd moving with an overall perfect collaboration of new progressive musical elements for the band. Set to follow included The Oaks, and a cover of Shuggie Otis’ Strawberry Letter 23 picked specifically for the Valentine’s Day vibe. The set seemed to alter slightly as Blacklight Sunflare burst into the room and the light show changed. Lasers had been cast out across the crowd, creating a net that seemed only to press the sound down upon the audience from above, surrendering to the Lotus vibe.

The band then submerged us completely as they masterfully threw down a Sunrain> Suitcases> Sunrain mash-up. The lights of the disco ball were again cast around Madison Theater as Sunrain played on, somewhat metaphorically raining light upon the crowd getting down below. Closing it out with Age of Inexperience, Lotus would retake the stage for a three song encore complete with a never before played Kodiak debut that was mashed between a new In an Outline, and a Bellwether relic. The night was a beautiful mesh of perfectly handpicked tunes and positive vibes all around. Lotus was on point, and did not fail to ensure everyone attending enjoyed that Valentine’s evening as people celebrated their love of Lotus’ music, as well as friends and general music scene in an all-out Lotus good vibes kind of fashion. Upcoming shows still to come as Lotus will take you straight through February and March, and will then dip over to Amsterdam for Jam in the Dam, SnowMont Music Festival in Vermont, and a following run in Japan.

Alicyn Lane | Senior Writer