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Lotus’ Halloween Show @ Newport Music Hall

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It’s not often we have good reason to jam out in lavish costume. The concoction of the magical Halloween potion, combined with the surrendering of ourselves to the glorious mercy of musical mastery can induce mystifying effects… This year Columbus, Ohio was host to the compelling forward progress that is Lotus. Not only is Halloween an excuse to deck yourself in whatever fashion your imagination may desire, but it’s also an excuse for bands to lay down an extraordinary spectacle of unique, remarkable, and inimitable sound. If those characterizing descriptions don’t do it for you, there’s always the excuse to throw one hell of a party… and these guys did not disappoint.

Lotus kicked off their still ongoing Fall Tour with a bang in the Northeast before working their way into the heart of it all, just in time to offer Columbus, and Knoxville following, some rare musical treats for holiday. The eve of Halloween in Ohio was fortunate to experience the band’s first full performance of their Oil on Glass EP which included two tracks also never before played live. Announced just days before the show was to go down, the news stirred up a fluttering feeling of excitement in the air for Columbus Lotus fans.

Blacklight Sunflare by Lotus

The band ripped into the start of the show without hesitation, diving head first into Blacklight Sunflare, an exciting new track off of their recently released self- titled album. The Columbus show was not devoid of a look into the well-crafted tracks from the current masterpiece. The show was to include Blacklight Sunflare, The Surf, and Bush Pilot, as well as rare Lotus artifacts from their legendary repertoire of accomplishment.

Next on board, 128 set the atmosphere of the enchanted evening that would unfold. Previously described as a “monster-mash jam”, 128 was a wicked groove that only added to the spooky mood of the cold Halloween night. After that, the crowd was deep into the Lotus vibe before they segued to their first performance of Oil on Glass: Simian, Scrapple, Greyrigg, Hammerstrike (Kypski Remix), Alkaline (ft. Othello), and Monochrome. The remix of Hammerstrike and Alkaline (ft. Othello) were played live for the first time…ever. It was as if a time warp had occurred after the six song vortex of Lotus euphoria came to a close, and a strong feeling of appreciation for experiencing such a rare glimpse of Lotus’ unhinged talent was encompassing and omnipresent.

Bellwether tunneled into Newport Music Hall after a brief regrouping. Most were still mind blown by what had just occurred, but Lotus was on to the next exciting element. With no break and only a single set, the rest of the evening transgressed into a truly transcendental show as Bellwether was followed by Umbilical Moonset, and hurdled back into Bellwether again. The trio was a solid set up of jammed out progressions, flawlessly executed.  Wooly Mammoth and Lead Pipe were thrown into the mix right before they pulled out two excitingly surprising songs. Intro to a Cell an old tune which appeared in the cycle as early as 2002, and an impromptu Shimmer and Out. Lotus capped off the evening with The Surf and Bush Pilot for the encore, a dynamic duo of sound from their new album.

It was truly an exceptional family gathering, and you should expect nothing less at a Lotus show. This band is the real deal. They’ve already gained musical legendary and have surrounded themselves with a solid dedicated group of genuine fans. The band is only gaining speed and it appears as though they have no intention of slowing down. Get used to these guys my friends! Lotus is going to be around for a long, long time.

By Alicyn Lane