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LODRO – An Interview


Dylan: Alright, how did LODRO come together? What’s the beginning?

Lesley: I met Jeremy and Jigmae in the fall of 2011 when their band Royal Baths moved from San Francisco to Brooklyn. I was in the band Friends at the time and both bands were hanging out/practicing/making music videos in the same warehouse space. I was completely enamored with their music and found it much closer to the type of music I wanted to be making. We became really close over the past couple oLordo bandf years and they sort of went through a lot of members that didn’t stick and after a while it just kind of made sense for us to start something new together.

Dylan: What are your major influences? What bands or people?

Lesley: We’ve actually been in a weird spot for a while now where we aren’t really listening to much music. Honestly I think most of our major influences come not so directly from other bands and more from experiences in our own lives and characters that intrigue us, both real and fictional. The people that we know and have known make up a pretty colorful group, almost in a surreal way. Watching noir and neo noir films has been a go-to escape from writing and from reality in recent months.

LODRO’s “Big Sleep For Alice”

Dylan: What’s on the horizon for this project? Do you have plans for a tour or album?

Lesley: This project is very new and we are all very committed to it so there’s a lot on the horizon for us. We’ll start at home in NYC playing as many shows as we can before heading to Austin for SXSW in March. We don’t have any specific tour plans yet aside from that but none of us are strangers to living on the road so that’s definitely in store once it makes sense for us to go out (sooner rather than later, preferably). Same goes for a full album — until that happens everyone can expect more home-recorded demos. We’re also planning a music video that I’m really psyched about… watch out for updates on that and maybe even photos from the shoot in the next couple of weeks. I’m thinking we’ll release the video before we go to Austin.

lordo interviewDylan: What makes this different than each of your previous projects?

Lesley: This is light years away from being anything like Friends. I’m excited to get away from playing pop and being a party band. There’s something much darker and much more personal for me here. We played our first show last night at Bushwick’s Shea Stadium (which was awesome – thanks to everyone!) and I felt like I got to be myself on stage for the first time in a long time. Maybe ever. The differences between LODRO and Royal Baths might be a bit more subtle at first glance but they’re definitely there. This project is truly a collaboration between all three of us and I think you can tell. If you can believe it I’d say it’s darker even than Royal Baths — more raw, more primal.

Dylan: What does this project mean to you? Does it have a special meaning?

Lesley: We all had a wild year last year, traveling all over the place and playing tons of shows – not stopping, not calling anywhere home really. I thrive on that. Just when this past fall hit everything just kind of stopped and we’ve spent all winter living in this really dark, really cold warehouse in Brooklyn next to the train just getting up every day and writing like crazy people. These are the only things we know for sure that we can do. I feel there is a thin line between making something and going crazy. Right now this band is that for me – it’s the only thing keeping me on this side of the line.

Dylan: Any last words?

Lesley: You’re gonna kill me?

Interview performed & written by Dylan Tracy

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