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L'Orange The Orchid Days Album

L’Orange – ‘The Orchid Days’ LP Preview & an Interview

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Musical mastermind L’Orange is bringing his new album, ‘The Orchid Days’, to our world, pulling you into his noir-infused, jazzy universe of conceptual heaven. Each of the tracks on each of his previous works are stellar in the sight of conception, fueling artistic soul with insatiable tones and melodies. L’Orange melds all of this in a world of carefully constructed beats and samples (straight from the vinyl) which characterizes his music as a solid, nostalgic body of work.

l_orange-620x200Above is the trailer for his next album. Dramatic and visually stunning, this sets the stage for the end-of-the-world allegory of love and the urgent ending. Pushing forward what some people would call boundaries, L’Orange enlists acclaimed and loved voice actor Erik Todd Dellums, known as many gamers as Three Dog from Fallout 3. His raspy, cold open to the stage is a controlling one that matches shots of monochromatic film slices traversing in a whirlwind of emotional proportions. For someone like L’Orange to bless us with this trailer and album, out April 8th, he’s immersing us in his world that’s he has crafted with genius.

L’Orange’s “Need You” feat. Blu

Below, you’ll find me enthralled to discuss the intricacies of ‘The Orchid Days’ and his ties with the album.

Q: Your new album, ‘The Orchid Days’… What’s the meaning behind the title of the album?

A: It describes a fragile and beautiful life.

Q: Does this album have a thematic idea, much like your previous works? What is the theme?

A: I fall into my concepts deeply. Normally they’re a reflection of my experiences and normally those experience are internal. I wanted to move my concept out of my own head, although I think I ended up doing the opposite. The album is love story set during the end of the world. Not the apocalypse. Just the ending.

TheOrchidDaysCover_1500x1500_e6e8a550-7ae0-4fac-b69f-93a560447ccd_1024x1024Q: What do you feel about ‘The Orchid Days’? Does it have a more personal meaning? You’ve always been about tying your soul with your music.

A: Conceptually, I do think this project is possibly more revealing. In ‘The Mad Writer’, I tore back layers of myself and showed fragility. ‘The City Under The City’ I showed chaos. I think in ‘The Orchid Days’, I get the opportunity to explore elements that I find more human and foreign, elements that motivate our every action- love and death.

Q: You’ve always collaborated with others to bring about the words to the music. Does this album’s collaborations compare to your previous collaborative tracks?

A: ‘The Orchid Days’ is a return to a format that I feel very comfortable in. I like collaborating with artists that share my vision for a project and tell a story. I wanted the features on this project to be in sync with the tone of the album. This is possibly my most diverse and unusual production. I wanted to work with artists that make me feel deeply like Erica Lane & Blu. I wanted artists that could tell a story in Homeboy Sandman & Erik Todd Dellums. And lastly I wanted to work with artists that push me creatively like Billy Woods & Jeremiah Jae.

Written by Dylan Tracy

OurVinyl | Contributor