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Loquat’s LP “We Could Be Arsonists”

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A blend of modern, new wave, psychedelic rock, indie electronica and good, old fashioned catchy jangly Brit-pop sounding music is what greets those who pick up the newest release from the San Francisco based band Loquat. “We Could Be Arsonists” is the third full length album from the band, who recently signed to the Nacional Records label, and the release is due out digitally April 14th and available in stores on April 24th.

The band is comprised of vocalist Kylee Swenson Gordon and accompanied by bass player Anthony Gordon, and the recent additions to the band, guitarist/singer Chip Cosby, keyboardist Christopher Cooper, and drummer Jon Langmead, Loquat has been getting notice lately. In fact, in recent months the band has had their music featured on various television shows like MTV’s “Teen Mom” and the CW’s “One Tree Hill”.

Loquat’s We Could Be Arsonists

The album as a whole is an incredibly strong effort from the band, and possibly their strongest since their first full length release in 2005. With a very infectious sound, catchy riffs and hooks, the band has a good chance of crashing onto the scene and possibly being the next big breakout artist like Foster the People.

On the title track, “We Could Be Arsonists”, Gordon says her inspiration for the song lyrics comes from her watching reality shows that feature people who are famous for just being famous. Except in Gordon’s vision, keeping up a steady schedule of crime sprees is the lyrical content for this track. Add to that a synth-filled 80’s retro vibe mixed with a jangly brit-pop sound that is will immediately leave grab attention and never let go.

Farther into the album is the imaginative song called, “Change of Scenery”. The focus of this song has a moodier melody, which is accented by Gordon’s amazing voice, as she sings about letting one’s imagination run wild. The music flows from happy to almost sad like one’s own fantasies, with the music reflecting the emotions of the lyrics in a perfect fashion.

Loquat’s Change of Scenery

The entire album is filled with emotion filled songs that range from space exploration to being criminals to monsters lurking under the bed, all the while taking the listener on a journey with an instantaneously catchy sound that will keep you listening over and over again.

To find more from the band and details on where they are performing, click over to their website at http://loquatmusic.com/

Written by Christina Lawler

OurVinyl Contributor