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Lil B “Thuggin Till Death”

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By now, most with even a passing knowledge of the hip-hop scene are familiar with Lil B, for better or worse. Fans of the artist are diehards, jacking Youtube comment sections to praise their favorite rapper, and defending him on message boards and Twitter feeds against the vast amounts of listeners who see the rapper as little but a talentless hack.

It’s not hard to see why haters feel that way about Lil B. Dropping mixtapes like Trapped in Based World as a satire on the rap game, with mistimed flows, poorly produced beats, and over-the-top style, Lil B hasn’t made believers out of those who aren’t able to find humor in his jokes.

But that’s only half of Based God, the alternate nickname Brandon McCartney gave himself. When not goofing off, the rapper/producer is capable of nailing some talented songs together, like this take off of his recent mixtape Task Force. “Thuggin Till Death” showcases Lil B’s ear for smooth samples, and the accompanying lyrics aren’t anything to laugh at either.

There’s always more to Lil B than we think we know.

LIL B – Thuggin Till Death by Basedbook Level 16

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor