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LIGHTS nashville show review

LIGHTS w/ Phases @ Nashville – Concert Review

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The night started off with LA natives, Phases. This 4-piece indie-pop band put on a great performance and created an exciting atmosphere. Front-woman and lead vocalist, Z-Berg, brought her big personality and somewhat extravagant dance moves to make for an upbeat performance. Phases opened with “Silhouette” followed by “Running Away,” both from their 2015 album, _MG_6167For Life. The song that really got the crowd dancing was their hit “I’m in Love With My Life” where Z-berg and keyboardist, Alex Greenwald, share the vocals in this cheerful, electronic-pop song. Phases closed their set with “Cooler,” with Z Berg jumping down from the stage to get the audience involved and dancing. Phases had great energy for an opening band with the crowd responding well to them, setting a fun mood for the evening.

You could feel the anticipation in the room as LIGHTS was about to hit the stage. With dark silhouettes and minimal lighting, LIGHTS opened up with bonus track “From All Sides” off the deluxe version of Little Machines. The soft instrumentals featured just how powerful her voice is, capturing the audience from the moment she took to the microphone. “I missed you, Nashville” were the words that excited the audience before LIGHTS broke into her upbeat anthems “Toes” and “Siberia” off the 2011 Siberia, which got the crowd dancing and built up the energy in the room. LIGHTS kept up this energy with tracks “Speeding,” “Muscle Memory” and “Same Sea” from Little Machines.

LIGHTS then switched to guitar and slowed things down with an acoustic set featuring “Meteorite”, which highlighted her vocal range and made for a personal connection with the audience. LIGHTS then played the opening track to Little Machines, “Portal.” The intended restraint of instrumentals allowed the audience to focus on the lyrics and emotion coming from the song.

_MG_6140The energy did not leave the room as LIGHTS continued her set with old and new tracks, closing the show with her pop hit “Up We Go,” taking the crowd on a musical ride and keeping them on their feet dancing until the end. The atmosphere in the room was buzzing and with a positive response from the crowd, LIGHTS came back to the stage for a one song encore of old favorite “Banner” from her Siberia album.

LIGHTS put on a show that did not disappoint, keeping the audience engaged throughout her whole set. The mix up of her upbeat synth tracks with the slowed-down softer acoustic tracks showed her wide vocal range and instrumental abilities. LIGHTS performing live is definitely a show not to be missed. She puts on an incredible live performance and connects so passionately with her fans that it creates an amazing atmosphere throughout the show.

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Written by Amber Browning

Photos by Sami Wideberg

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