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Life In Film’s “Needles & Pins”

Song Of The Day

The song that gives their title to their brand new EP has the always captivating mixture of uplifting and happy-like dancing beats with sad heartbreaking lyrics, just like some of The Cure’s finest tunes.

In this writer’s opinion, this is one of this year’s best rock tunes so far. With a voice that reminds us of Coldplay’s Chris Martin earliest works; it talks about a man’s struggle with the loss of someone close to him, the use of drugs to feel closer to that person, and the environment surrounding his life. It is a songwriting so personal and honest, which contrasts amazingly with the positivity of the instrumentation. Plus, the chorus line “Oh Lord, what can I do?” will sound oddly familiar to more than one listener.

Dominic Sennett, Edward Ibbotson, Micky Osment and Samuel Fry began their career four years ago back in London. They are currently promoting their second EP Needles & Pins (although they had already launched several singles and a catchy acoustic rendition of their song Carla through Watch Listen Tell in 2009) with an European tour.

Listen to their EP Needles & Pins right here or download two songs for free (including Needles & Pins) at their Facebook site .

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer