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Lhasa de sela

Lhasa De Sela’s “Love Came Here”

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Some careers don’t take off as they deserved. But again, who says who deserves and who doesn’t deserve to be recognized by his talent? Nonetheless, Lhasa de Sela’s story is a sad one.

With a mere 12 year-long career, Lhasa was a child of the world: born in the United States, raised in México and with an adult life between France and Canada. She was a descendant from Panamanian, Lebanese, Mexican and North American musicians, actors and singers and sang in Spanish, English and French along her three released albums.

The third one, Lhasa, was recorded before her breast cancer diagnose and launched prior to her death. Being her first album entirely sung in English, it has a mixture of folk, world and jazz songs. Love Came Here sounds like a Nina Simone era recording: sadness through a female voice with a weeping guitar and an angry rhythm section. The perfect ingredients for a fame and recognition those remain underground for the delight of those few lucky enough to keep on digging for soulful artists.

Three years have passed since Lhasa died, but her love came here and never left.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

OurVinyl | Senior Writer



Lhasa De Sela’s “Love Came Here”