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“Let the Good Times Roll” by The Cars

Song Of The Day

Song: Let The Good Times Roll

Artist: The Cars

Album: The Cars

Today is a Spring Saturday (we at least close to Spring), so it is only fitting for today’s song to be “Let The Good Times Roll” by The Cars. This song is off of their debut album released in 1978. This band was seminal in creating the “new-wave” sound that came to be associated with rock and roll in the 80’s. Also, they are a band that many contemporary indie rock bands take influence from (The Strokes, cough cough). The cleanly stuttering guitar lines, groovy synth lines, and too-cool-for-school lyrics make for a timeless and tuneful good times. It’s no wonder that this band is going to get back together and is creating new music – they know today’s youngsters will eat it up.

It’s Saturday people – let the good times roll!