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Lessons Learned

Song Of The Day

Song: Lessons Learned
Band: Matt & Kim
Album: Grand (2009)
Website: mattandkimmusic.com

I’ve spent a lot of time this week thinking about how addicting it can be to be around passionate people.  Simply by interacting with them, I get inspired to try new things, have fun, and think creatively.  Concerts are great place to find passionate people; a good band will be passionate about their performance and the fans are naturally going to be into it.  The day after a good concert, I experience something I call the “concert high”.  It’s a feeling of sheer giddiness.

Passion is something that our Song of the Day band has in spades.  Matt & Kim are a two-piece synth punk pop band from Brooklyn that played a sold out show at Newport Music Hall in Columbus on Friday.  Matt and Kim smiled, laughed and had fun throughout the whole show, which is something that is rarely seen these days, and the crowd ate it up.  Kids moshed, hands were always waving in the air, and at one point, Kim even came out for a little crowd surfing.  Matt didn’t sit on his stool for more than 20 seconds at a time.  He spent most of the show standing on it with one leg in the air.  It’s this passion for their music and their performance that made Matt & Kim’s  show so amazing .

With it’s upbeat tempo and thought provoking lyrics like “Thinking about tomorrow won’t change how I feel today”, Lessons Learned is easily one of my favorite Matt & Kim songs.  As soon as it started, the whole place started singing along.  Take a minute to check the video out.  And if they ever come to your city, GO!  You will leave feeling inspired to take on your next big challenge in life.

And don’t forget, their new album, Sidewalks, drops on November 2nd.