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Less Than Jake: How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?

Song Of The Day

Artist: Less Than Jake
Song: “How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?”
Album: Losing Streak

Less Than Jake have been a staple in the punk/ska scene since the beginning of its third wave, forming in 1992. Over the time they’ve released eight records, including classics like Losing Streak, Hello Rockview, and Boarders and Boundries. While they gained moderate radio success with singles such as “She’s Gonna Break Soon,” the band’s biggest following has come from dedicated listeners who’ve appreciated their work dating all the way back to when the band was still in high school.

While recent releases such as In With the Out Crowd have bothered long time fans, the band has been making an effort to return to their roots, playing concerts featuring only old songs, featuring more horns in their newest releases, and verbally promising a return to the glory days. Check out “How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?” below, to get an idea of what such days sounded like.

Written by Dean Goranites