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Leon the Professional: Hit ‘Em in the Head

Song Of The Day

Artist: Leon the Professional
Song: “Hit ‘Em in the Head”
Album: (B)EAST

It seems that in the internet age, hundreds of new hip-hop mix tapes get released a day. While it’s safe to say 99% of these are forgettable, undoubtedly a few push their way through and become some of the biggest hits of the year. Need proof? Check out Danny Brown’s free release from 2011, XXX.

Could Leon “The Professional” be the next one to crack that barrier? It’s tough to predict, but there’s no doubt that lyrically, the man has it. Check out “Hit ‘Em In the Head” below, and keep an eye out for the release of the full length coming out later this year, right here.

Hit’Em In The Head by Leon The Professional

Written by Dean Goranites