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Lenka’s new LP ‘Two’

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Lenka’s new album Two dropped recently, and this Australian entertainer has delivered an album worth hearing. Don’t think this is something more than it’s not, it really is an album of pop-songs with an indie vibe, with a hint of the “She” from “She and Him” and a dash of Regina Spektor Lenka writes the songs herself (gasp) and she can really sing (gasp) which makes the album listenable at the least.

More importantly, it seems like Lenka really has a voice that she could unleash like a ninja if she wanted, but chooses instead keeps it in check. Although the first single “My Heart Skips a Beat” could be incredible live and “Roll With The Punches” is almost there in terms of really showcasing her voice

Don’t misunderstand, the album is good and has a retro-feel. “Shocked Into Love” has a feel like something from when MTV played music, in fact all of these songs run in the same vein, with an electro-synth-pop vibe. The difference between Lenka and other contemporary pop-music is the emotion, it’s hard to believe that Britney Spears really feels much of anything when the album production is based on creating a soundtrack for a music video, Lenka works in the opposite direction with songs written to perform live and sound great, and she delivers a truly original and pleasant pop-album.

It will be hard for her to get a real voice with so many produced-out-of-the-box competitors out there but her sound is unique. Parents should be comfortable with her simple, and straightforward lyrics and style, rather than belly-baring attire, suggestive lyrics and soft-core porn videos Lenka offers a glimpse at what pop-music started as, an exclamation of love and happiness.

Raised as a child in the bush of Australia Lenka found her musical calling as a young teen-ager, and has managed to keep her sound from becoming clouded completely. One expects an artist to change a bit over the years, and Two does reflect her maturity and move from Australia to California, however she still manages to remind listeners why they liked her in the first place.

This album will be perfect for your summer days outside, and would pair perfectly with a pool party or game of frisbee in the grass. Lenka will be in Columbus on Tuesday, June 14 at The Basement and will undoubtedly provide listeners with a fun night of good music.

by – Meredith Underhill