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Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day”

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Happy Birthday Robert Plant! The best lead singer to ever grace the rock and roll stage turns 65 today, so what better way to celebrate than to listen to Led Zeppelin’s own “Celebration Day?” This song is chock full of bombastic jubilance and an air guitar-worthy solo. It’s one of ¬†Zeppelin’s lesser-known songs, only coming into stronger prominence since the band borrowed the song title to name their recent 2007 reunion concert release. Listen to this blast of pure rock perfection:

Easing us into the song with lower register singing before soaring into the higher register on the chorus, it’s a perfect example of the incredible range of Robert Plant’s amazing voice. The song comes from 1970’s ‘Led Zeppelin III.’ Considered by more fairweather fans a lesser album, it’s where they first showed signs of their diversity, including acoustic songs, blues numbers, traditional folk pieces and the rip-roaring rock and roll they had already become world-famous for. If you’re in a more tender, vulnerable mood or just want some Zep songs you haven’t heard a million times, this album is for you.

Of course Robert Plant has continued since Led Zeppelin to have a successful career, whether playing with long-time collaborator Jimmy Page or with one of his solo bands like the Band of Joy or The Sensations, or with the talented Alison Krauss. Here’s to you Mr. Plant. May you enjoy many more wonderful birthdays. As much timeless music as you’ve given the world in your years upon this earth, you’ve earned them more than most.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer