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Lead Belly’s “Black Betty”

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There’s something about Sunday afternoons that just make you want to hear Blues, classic R&B, and Mowtown. To follow on that desire here’s one of the most famous compositions from legendary Bluesman Lead Belly, titled “Black Betty.” While most people are most familiar with this classic rock version, and I particularly love this version, Lead Belly’s version that is solely his voice and hand claps has a unique and captivating and earnest quality that neither of those other versions manage to capture. Listen to this raw version:

Lead Belly’s “Black Betty”

Even if you’re not that familiar with much of Lead Belly’s work, one song you’ve certainly heard is his song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” because it was the closing song of Nirvana’s haunting MTV Unplugged performance, introducing his inspiring music to a whole new generation. Music like this may feel distant and not easy to relate to for some people the same way black and white films can be, but understand this sort of raw emotion and storytelling lies at the heart of rock and without it we wouldn’t have the majority of music we now know and love. If no other time, kick back on a lazy Sunday and enjoy a trip back in time with the simpler, more immediate sound of the Blues.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer