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LCD Soundsystem: North American Scum

Song Of The Day

Artist: LCD Soundsystem
Song: “North American Scum”
Album: Sound of Silver

As time moves on since LCD Sounsystem called it quits early this year, the legacy they left behind only continues to grow. Regardless of the band’s break up, it seems like LCD Soundsystem’s name recognition becomes more and more familiar, as tracks are being heard on commericals, TV shows, and even (gasp) radio play.

When James Murphy started LCD Soundsystem, he intended for it to be a very small solo project. Over the course of just a few years, it grew into a multi-member band who played their final show to a sold-out-in-seconds Madison Square Garden.

Get a taste of why new fans climb on board the Soundsystem bandwagon here with “North American Scum,” off of the band’s sophomore release, Sound of Silver.

Written by Dean Goranites