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Honey Pie

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Song: Honey Pie
Artist: Langhorne Slim
Album: Engine EP (2006)
Website: LanghorneSlim.com
I’ve been wanting to write a Langhorne Slim focused Song of the Day article since I started with OurVinyl this summer.  He’s one of my favorite artists, but OurVinyl posted a great exclusive performance with him this summer so I didn’t want to go overboard.  Now that the seasons have changed, I felt enough time had passed to bring your attention back to Langhorne.

Like most of my favorite songs, Honey Pie is about a failed relationship, but instead of the sad, moping, unrequited love approach, Langhorne comes out with both barrels.  The opening guitar riff sets the tone for the whole song.  It’s got an edge and urgency to it that drives the song forward.  Midway through the song, he utters words that could become a rallying call for single men everywhere: “If you want it, baby, you can’t have it / Ain’t no girl gonna be the death of me”.  And when he performs the song live, he always goes for a dramatic finish.

The amount of energy that Langhorne puts into this performance is unbelievable.  If you see him once, you’ll be hooked forever.