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langhorne slim & the law concert review

Langhorne Slim & the Law @ Denver – Concert Review

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Stevie Wonder with the Rolling Stones. The Clash with the Who. Led Zeppelin with Vanilla Fudge. For some bands it’s only a matter of time before they go from the opening act to headliner. Langhorne Slim & the Law is a band with a visible ticking clock in terms of emerging as a big draw, headlining act. Opening for alt-country hard rockers Lucero, Langhorne Slim & the Law brought their infectiously haunting rock/rockabilly, Americana sound to the Bluebird Theater in Denver. Playing one high-energy set, Langhorne Slim & the Law blew the doors off the venue and left the crowd wanting more.

Comprised of Langhorne Slim (born Sean Scolnick in langhorne slim & the law concert review Langhorne, Pennsylvania) on vocals and guitar, Malachi DeLorenzo on drums, David Moore on banjo and keyboard, and Jeff Ratner on bass, Langhorne Slim and the Law are touring hard these days in wake of the June 2012 release of their 4th full length EP, The Way We Move on Ramseur Records. Recently, Conan O’Brien joined the band on stage during a taping of his show, while “The Way We Move” (the song off of the album of same name) can be heard during a recent Windows 8 television spot. In addition, “The Way We Move” has been featured on the trailer of the new Paul Rudd and Tina Fey movie Admission, while Entertainment Weekly praised the band as “your next obsession.”

It’s easy to understand why this band continues to enjoy more and more success, as Langhorne Slim and the Law played a rousing hour long set to the Bluebird audience on this Friday night, one that also saw the band and legendary Denver guitar player and bluesman Otis Taylor play together on a rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe”. During the set, the band played many of their increasingly more popular songs including “The Way We Move” and “Salvation” with Langhorne Slim leading the way with his energetic guitar playing and truly unique vocal harmonies. We frequently compare bands we are seeing for the first time to another act or group, but this is a real challenge with Langhorne Slim and the Law. This blend of fun, fast paced, energetic rocking Americana is singularly their own.

Langhorne Slim and the Law’s This Is The Way (live on Conan)

langhorne slim & the law concert reviewAs the set progressed and the primarily Lucero-based crowd filtered in, it was clear to see that Langhorne Slim and the Law are poised for larger audiences and big, international headlining tours. Although absolutely unique in their sound, this band is coming along at a time when alt-country and string-based Americana is on the rise. As seen with such acts as the Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, the Avett Brothers and others, Langhorne Slim and the Law and their style and sound are sure to capture more fans as they go.

Stepping into the lobby after the conclusion of the set, I spoke with Langhorne Slim and his road manager. Both were extremely affable and engaging to those offering praise for the performance, I made it clear to Langhorne himself that opening for bands was a very temporary endeavor for them. They appreciated my sentiments and seemed encouraged by it, but as I reiterated – I wasn’t joking around. Langhorne Slim and the Law won over Conan O’Brien from one listen of The Way We Move, knocked my socks off during one set and are poised to take the music world by storm. Rolling Stone was quoted as saying that The Way We Move is damn near perfect. I wouldn’t flirt with the word perfection, but I will say that Langhorne Slim and the Law, their songwriting, their output in the studio and their prowess live is a thing of beauty.

Written by Allen Byrne

OurVinyl | Contributor

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