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Meet our good friend, Langhorne Slim. OurVinyl has had the pleasure of becoming well acquainted with this talented alternative country / neo-bluegrass artist over the past couple years. We also got to know his band, The Law, comprised of Jeff Ratner on up-right bass, Malachi DeLorenzo on drums and David Moore on keyboard and banjo. This time around we proudly present to you the Langhorne Slim & The Law, The OurVinyl Sessions, which was filmed in Nashville, TN. We are overjoyed to share with you three songs from this exclusive outdoor performance.

In “Salvation” we find a song centered around Slim’s emotively intricate guitar picking, as well as his personality-heavy voice, as he expounds upon the implications of a relationship that has painfully – but rightfully – ended.

“Someday” is a more buoyant and cheerful tune. It’s a sweetly succinct number, with sing-a-long like lyrics and lighthearted, toe-tapping banjo & guitar interaction.

In “Badluck” we can hear the full band playing to it’s full potential, with the upright bass and drums excitedly setting the undertone for the song, the banjo playing in a windswept manner, and Mr. Slim letting his strong sentiments show through his vocals.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Langhorne Slim & The Law, for again letting us collaborate on recording a unique audiovisual experience. We hope you enjoy taking these songs in as much as we did recording them.

Written By:
Sean Brna | Senior Editor