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La Roux’s “Armour Love”

Song Of The Day

Song: Armour Love

Artist: La Roux

Album: La Roux

Androgyny in music is king, which ranks 22 year-old Eleanor Jackson supreme.  Teamed with co-producer and co-songwriter, Ben Langmaid, the duo better known as La Roux brings us today’s Song Of The Day; “Armour Love”.

The self-titled debut album was released in September of 2009 with various songs remixed and remade multiple times over the years.  Armour Love pulls you away from the rigorous electronics of La Roux’s more popular songs and gives you a quick moment to breathe at the end of the album.  Granted, those breaths may be taken away by the painfully beautiful lyrics.  Ellie’s voice is hypnotizing and still being true to the electronic nature of the band, a steady beat pulls the verse chorus verse together.

The bands influences—heavily chosen from the 80s British Synthpop movement and other new wave bands, are more reflected in this somber song.  You can distinctly make out the melody from The Waitresses, a New Wave Akron band from the early 80s, “I Know What Boys Like” around the two-minute mark of the song.  This transitional pause brings on quite the climactic end, which leads the listener to ponder the idea that most ends are climactic.

By Natalie Kontur