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kurt vile

Kurt Vile’s “Puppet To The Man”

Song Of The Day

kurt vileToday’s song, Puppet To The Man, is from Kurt Vile’s LP “Smoke Ring For My Halo”. In a world of musicians often telling you how distinctive and anti-status quo they are, Kurt Vile has decided to tell us in this number that he indeed is a puppet to the man, just like everyone else. And the way he says it, it makes you feel silly to think you could be anything but a puppet to the proverbial man. Kurt gave the song a sonic feel something akin to a lo-fi feel, but not quite so un-produced, Kurt has created for a subtly groovy neo-classic rock feel. There is a pleasant looseness to the way the electric guitar and drums interact, with just the slightest edge to it. It walks the line between a garage band sound and a well-planned studio feel.

“I bet by now / You probably think I’m a puppet / To the man / Well, I shout it out loud / Because I know that I am”

Who knew that being a honest, regular guy – and embracing it fully – could sound so cool and refreshing?