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Kurt Vile’s “Jesus Fever”

Song Of The Day

Song: Jesus Fever

Artist: Kurt Vile

LP: Smoke Ring For My Halo

Today’s song is “Jesus Fever” by Kurt Vile, and can be found on his latest album, which just recently dropped. In it one can hear the elements of this musician that are starting to garner him some national attention. There is a toe-tapping beat in the background, very upfront guitars (both acoustic and electric) – which serve to not only add pleasing highlights but also help keep beat and set the emotional tone for the song. Kurt’s lyrics aren’t downcast, but they are hushed, although still discernible (a style which proves common throughout the album). At first listen, the track might seem simple and without a solid creative course – but with some repeated play or at least a critical listen the beauty of Kurt’s music will show itself. Enjoy!