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krystyn pixton

Krystyn Pixton- Burning Bone

Song Of The Day

krystyn pixton

Artist: Krystyn Pixon, Lynx
Song: Burning Bone
Album: On the Horizon

This is a mellow and pretty number from Krystyn Pixton that makes you feel like you’re falling slowly through space. Elegant, almost haunting, vocals match the lyrics while spaced out effects and twinkling piano lines add to the majestic spook of this remix. Violin samples peek through the layers while the bass builds the spine of the song. Kyrstyn Pixton’s voice is a sophisticated and confident alto, streaming calmly over the music.

This Portland-based singer/songwriter mixes her vocal harmonies with electronic musical elements to create a unique and beautiful sound. Though she rarely performs outside of Oregon right now, she will be performing at Rootwire Festival in August.

Lynx – Burning Bone (Featuring Kyrstyn Pixton) by Madison House

Written By:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer